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We Proudly Reflect Our Communities

The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities works on the social agenda that underpins the redevelopment plan for Stapleton, Denver’s former airport. The plan’s key principles are environmental responsibility, social equity and economic opportunity. Those principles guide The Foundation to drive its primary initiatives of Healthy Living, Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Transportation.


The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities began life in 1990 as the Stapleton Redevelopment Foundation (SRF). It was a nonprofit formed by Denver civic and business leaders to work with the city to craft a plan to reuse the city’s airport after it closed in 1995.

It was a story decades in the making.

2019 Annual Report

The Green Book

As the Green Book predicted over two decades ago, Stapleton has become “a model for addressing the economic and social needs of people while respecting the natural world.”


Of course, it’s not perfect. Much remains to be done. And that’s where the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities is hard at work today. 


An Illustration from the Green Book

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