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Parks and Open Space

People and Nature Blend in Greater Stapleton




Parks at Central Park

Central Park was intentionally developed so that a third of its 4,700 acres would be parks and open space. Over time that has translated into nearly four dozen community and pocket parks and natural open spaces throughout the development.  


The city has more than 5,000 acres of traditional parks, parkways, open space and trails. Stapleton increased the city’s park land by more than 30 percent. The city also owns 14,000 acres of mountain parks in Clear Creek, Douglas, Grand and Jefferson counties.  

Here are two links with complete information about all of Central Park's park land: 


Denver has a century-old love affair with parks.


Robert Speer, Denver mayor from 1904-12 and 1916-18 when he died of influenza during a national epidemic, was the city’s first major proponent of beautifying public land and dedicating it for public use. Most every mayor since Speer has shared his value of civic beauty and pride and demonstrated it by ensuring proper funding for parks and municipal buildings.  

Speer was inspired by the City Beautiful Movement that emerged in the 1890’s. It was promoted by architects and urban planners who saw a need for more focus on aesthetics for the nation’s growing – and grimy -- urban areas and grander public and cultural buildings. The movement got a huge boost from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair – dubbed The White City because it featured massive European-style white buildings based on the Beaux-Arts style of architecture that is influenced by classical Roman and Greek forms, 

Speer initiated the construction of Civic Center Park that separates Denver City Hall and the state Capitol. He laid the groundwork for the city’s boulevards and many parks and instilled an ethos in City Hall of valuing public open space that has lasted into the 21st century. 

Idealists in the movement believed it would promote a more cohesive social order and enhance the quality of everyone’s life.  

In many ways, they were right. Particularly when it comes to Stapleton! 

  • Arc Park 

  • Arrowhead Park 

  • Bouquet Park 

  • Cherry Pie Park 

  • Community Garden 

  • Constellation Park 

  • F-18 Parks 

  • Fall Park 

  • Green Links 

  • Harvest Park 

  • Heritage Park 

  • Lilac Lane 

  • Measurement Park 

  • Pizza  Park 

  • Quilted Garden Park 

  • Rumble Park 

  • Sail Park 

  • Songbird Park 

  • Spinning Spokes Parklet 

  • Spring Park 

  • Summer Park 

  • Square Park 

  • Terra Park 

  • Triangle Park 

  • Valentia Street Parkway 

  • Greenway Park 

  • Westerly Creek 

  • Founders Green 

  • Central Park 

  • Bluff Lake Nature Center 

  • The Sand Creek Greenway 

  • Fred Thomas Park 

  • Prairie Meadows 

  • Sand Hills Prairie Park 

  • The Uplands 

  • Conservatory Green 

  • Winter Park 

  • 26th Avenue Park 

  • Wicker Park 

  • Cottonwood Gallery Park 

  • Prairie Basin Park 

  • Greenway Dog Park 

  • Willow Bark Park

Parks & Open Space in Central Park Neighborhoods:



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