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Lifelong Learning

Innovation and Opportunities are The Foundation's Top Priorities

Lifelong Learning

Education has been a top priority of The Foundation since it’s inception. Stapleton presented a unique opportunity to ingrain that value in a community as it was taking shape over the years.   

In the early 2000s, The Foundation published the Stapleton Education Master Plan. The plan was the culmination of a year of convening more than 200 residents, educators, students, nonprofit, community and business leaders to craft a vision of what could be achieve in a new urban community. Brian Weber, The Foundation’s Vice President of Education and Development Initiatives, led the research and development process and wrote the final plan. 

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Lifelong Learning Resources: 


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Education news

The Foundation is guided on lifelong learning initiatives by the mission outlined in the Education Master Plan:  

To make Stapleton a national model of lifelong learning where infants to seniors can find innovative educational opportunities to meet their personal, professional and recreational needs and desires. Openness to the best practices in teaching and learning will drive educational development at Stapleton. 


In pursuit of quality and innovation, The Foundation developed and launched the Denver Language (charter) School in 2010, Denver’s first public full immersion school (Mandarin/Spanish). Two Stapleton moms, Kristy Fantz and Camilla Modesitt, proposed the school to The Foundation in early 2008 and worked on its opening as parent founders. The Foundation's Brian Weber was the lead founder and Founding Executive Director of DLS. 


DLS is the first full immersion (Spanish and Mandarin) public school in Denver. From its first year it was one of the top enrollment choices in Denver Public Schools and one of the district’s highest performing schools. DLS has maintained those outstanding results ever since.   


In recent years, the foundation has focused its education work on advocating for high quality school choices. In 2017, the foundation took an even more active role in the advancement of area schools. 


School Grant Program 

A key initiative is our School Grant Program (SGP), The Foundation's formal process to provide financial support to schools. The Foundation awards grants to support projects that advance academic achievement, parent engagement or provides enrichment activities. 


School Technical Support

The Foundation supplies technical support to schools and advocates for their programs. The Foundation is involved in school development and is a leader in the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone that’s made up of four area International Baccalaureate schools and two others: Swigert Elementary, McAuliffe International and McAuliffe Manual (both middle schools), Northfield High School; and Willow Elementary and Montclair Academy. The Foundation works with Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education to support the community to  improve schools in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

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